2 Peter Chapter 1

(Tap footnote to read it.  Old Testament quotations are underlined.  "Love" with a caret ("^love") is agapé.1"agapé" The Greek words ἀγάπη (agapé, noun), and ἀγαπάω (agapaó; verb) are typically translated "love".  However, unlike our English word "love" – which primarily speaks of affection and feelings – agapé centers on choice and behavior.  It’s the "love" based on will, choice, behavior, and action; not feelings.  (Feelings-based love is the Greek word φιλέω (phileó), which properly means "brotherly love/affection".)  Thus, you could hate someone passionately and still treat him with "agapé".  Agapé "love" is best understood as the pursuit of what is most beneficial to someone or something, regardless of the cost to yourself or the type of response received from the person or thing.  It can also indicate a preference for someone or something over other things. )

Greeting and instruction
  1. Simon Peter, a slave and apostle of Jesus the Anointed, to the men who obtained by divine lot1“obtained by divine lot” is one word in Greek. It refers to the process of “casting lots”, which is similar in concept – though not practice – to the modern practice of drawing straws.  In the Old Testament and before the Holy Spirit came they would often draw lots, trusting that God would make the lot fall to the correct person. For example, see Acts 1:24-26 which is the last time this is recorded to have been done, probably because afterward the Holy Spirit came. a faith that’s as equally precious as ours by the righteousness of our God and savior Jesus the Anointed,
  2. may grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord,
  3. as His divine power has granted us all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of the One who called us by His own glory and moral excellence,
  4. through which He has given us great and precious promises, so that through these you might become sharers in the divine nature, having fled the corruption that’s in the world in its cravings.2“cravings” is literally “craving”
  5. And also for this same reason, having supplied all diligent zeal, also supply moral excellence in your faith; and in moral excellence, knowledge;
  6. and in knowledge, self-control; and in self-control, perseverance; and in perseverance, godliness;
  7. and in godliness, brotherly affection; and in brotherly affection, ^love.
  8. For you possessing and increasing in these things makes you become neither lazy nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus the Anointed.
  9. For in whoever these things aren’t present, he is blind; being short-sighted and having received forgetfulness of his cleansing from his former sins.
  10. Therefore brothers, be more zealously diligent to make your calling and election firm, for by doing these things you definitely won’t ever stumble,
  11. for in this way, entrance into the kingdom of ages of our Lord and savior Jesus the Anointed will be richly supplied to you.
  12. Therefore, I will always be ready to remind you about these things, although you have known and have been strengthened by the truth present in you.
  13. And I consider it right – as long as I’m in this tent – to stir you up in remembrance,
  14. *knowing that the setting aside of my tent is impending, just as our Lord Jesus the Anointed also revealed to me.
  15. And also, I will always be diligently zealous in order for you to have a lasting memory of these things after I make my departure.
  16. For we didn’t follow skillfully *crafted myths when we declared the power and coming of our Lord Jesus the Anointed to you, but we were eyewitnesses of His majesty.
  17. For having received honor and glory from God the Father, such a voice was conveyed to Him by the Majestic Glory: “This is My beloved Son in whom I’m well pleased.”
  18. And it having been conveyed from heaven, this is the voice we heard while being with Him on the holy mountain.
  19. And we have the more certain prophetic word, which you do well by taking heed of it, like a lamp shining in a dark place until that day dawns, and the morning star rises in your hearts,
  20. knowing this first, that every prophecy in scripture isn’t for someone’s own interpretation.
  21. For no prophecy was ever driven by man’s will, but men spoke from God as they were being driven by the Holy Spirit.


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