The BOS Bible translation is owned by the primary translator and (“we”/”us”); all rights reserved.


Non-Commercial Use

You (the reader) may quote the BOS Bible’s text for any legal, non-commercial purpose, – online or offline – without written consent from the translator; provided:

  1. You attribute the quotation to the BOS Bible and/or
    1. Online quotations must include at least one link back to on each page where you quote the BOS Bible. (We suggest this link point either to the page(s) containing the verses you are quoting, OR to the following URL: “
    2. Offline quotations should include the following text “BOS Bible text courtesy of” somewhere in the material. Footnote attribution is allowed.
  2. The use of the BOS Bible should be incidental to the non-commercial use, not primary or central to it. (Basically, you using the BOS Bible as a translation to support your points (or to review it), not providing an alternate way to access the BOS Bible.)
    1. We will allow copying of the BOS Bible text in it’s entirety for websites that serve as Bible translation aggregators (holding many translations in one place to give people a convenient way to access multiple translations); however, any such copying requires written permission from us.  We will grant permission on a case-by-case basis – at our sole discretion – but we would prefer to approve those who ask. 🙂
  3. You may not present the BOS Bible text as your own work.


Commercial Use

Limited quotations for legal, commercial uses – without written permission from us – is permissible, provided:

  1. All the provisions for non-commercial use shall apply, but should be considered a minimum requirement.
  2. The use of the BOS Bible should be incidental to the commercial use, not primary or central to it. (Basically, you are selling your own product, service, event, etc. and using the BOS Bible to support your points; not selling – in any way – access to the BOS Bible text.)
  3. All offline commercial quotations must include the following text: “BOS Bible text courtesy of” on every page the BOS Bible is quoted. However, the text may be smaller than the rest of the text in order to not distract from the main point; provided, it is still readable to the unaided eye.
  4. Any such quotation is not – nor is intended to be – a printing of the BOS Bible to use as a printed Bible. This right is reserved for us alone. Further, the quotation of long passages shall be limited to only that which is necessary to the point, or to provide context for the point.
  5. The commercial use allowance is intended for quotations in such contexts as: Biblical/church training manuals, reference materials, paid events or conferences, books (including ebooks) on Biblical topics, etc.  It is not intended to allow others to profit off of the BOS Bible.

BOS Bible reserves the right to change or add to these terms at any time without warning or notice.