If you encountered a passage, verse, or word that you think is badly translated, please say something!


First.  Always check the original language.  Just because a translation is different doesn’t mean it’s wrong.  The source text for this translation is the Interlinear Bible on Biblehub.com.  You might find the original language is different than the English you are used to.


Second.  If you think the BOS Bible doesn’t match the original language, please read the footnotes for that verse (if there are any).  The footnote might explain the translation choice and answer your question. If you disagree with the reasons in the footnote, please read the BOS Bible Translation Theory and Principles.  That might also explain the translation choice.


Third.  If you still think it’s translated wrong (or could be worded better without sacrificing accuracy), please visit the BOS Bible public forum and do a search first.  It’s possible someone else already saw what you saw and we’ve discussed it or the discussion is ongoing.  Please create a (free) account and join the discussion but please don’t create a new thread before searching

Before suggesting a better way to word something, make sure it’s still accurate.  If you are correcting a translation choice, make sure you supply your sources and reasons why you think the current translation is wrong.


God Bless and welcome to the BOS Bible team!