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September 21, 2019 - 9:54 am
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Berean Patriot (admin)

Posts: 3

Level 10

We'll keep things simple here:

Rule #1:  Treat everyone with respect.  Always.  No exceptions.  I have a very low tolerance for disrespectful or dishonoring posts. You may attack any idea with persistence and vigor; but I won't tolerate any attacks on a person.  As a corollary, please refrain from calling someone's ideas "stupid" or something similar (even if they are).  Feel free to disagree, but do so politely.

Rule #2: Source your corrections.  If you believe a word is translated in error, simply provide appropriate evidence.  Linking to and/or copy/pasting from a lexicon is sufficient, and scholarly articles are always appreciated.  If you agree on the definition but think another English word(s) would be more accurate, simply explain why. 

Rule #3: Don't forget rules #1 and #2. 


(The common sense rules are as follows: No profanity, sexually explicit images, selling, soliciting, etc.)

Legal stuff:  By posting in the forums, you agree to grant us ("us" as defined in the Legal use page) the legal right to include any of your suggestions, corrections, thoughts, comments, etc. into the text or footnotes of the BOS Bilble.  Such inclusion does not - in any way whatsoever - transfer ownership of the any of the BOS Bible's text, footnotes, or rights to you.  You agree to allow us to use anything you post in the forums for any legal purpose, commercial or non-commercial.

(Basically, the legal section is so someone can't make a suggestion, then claim partial ownership of the BOS Bible.  Or worse, prevent its distribution or publication by claiming they own the suggestions they've made which were included.)


We ("we" as defined in the Legal use page) reserve the right to change these rules at any time whatsoever, for any reason whatsoever, and without warning.